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Respected Chicago senior and junior nurses, fellow compatriots!

​Queen of the Seasons Today, the weekend of May, we have a meaningful founding of the Korean Nurses Association of Chicago.

We sincerely welcome you to attend the 50th anniversary ceremony and celebration performance.

The early senior nurses who created and led this association were pioneers of Korean immigration in Chicago.

He laid the foundation for the economic development of his home country, the Republic of Korea, and personally practiced public diplomacy.                          Chairman of the Preparation Committee (Chairman Kim Hee-kyung)

The reason the association has been able to survive for the past half century is because seniors guided their juniors and looked after those around them with a clear spirit of sacrifice and service.

Currently, the association contributes to the improvement of the health of compatriots, cooperates with other organizations and mainstream society, and stands tall as an indispensable model organization for the compatriot community in Chicago.

Now, in order to move forward for the next 100 years, this association selects scholarship recipients from Korean-American nursing college students to foster future generations of nurses and consistently holds scholarship award ceremonies every year. In addition, it has registered with the Overseas Korean Nurses Association to encourage Korean-American nurses around the world. We are working together to form networking with others, exchange nursing information, and adapt to the global era.

In any case, we hope that today's commemorative ceremony will be a fun and happy time, and we ask for your continued interest and support.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the preparation committee members and all executive directors who made their best efforts for the event, as well as all standing directors who attended.

Stay healthy everyone.


Kim Hee-kyung

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Korean American Nurses Association of Chicago

​Chairman of preparation for the 50th anniversary event

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