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1st Cho, Sunja

  • As the first president, the association was named “Chicago Korean Nursing Association.” In addition, the foundation of the Chicago Association was strengthened through friendship among founding members and close cooperation with the “Korean Nurses Association” in the home country.


2nd Kim, Soon-ja

  • We put a lot of effort into expanding membership, and especially worked on the “Lifetime Membership of the Korean Nurses Association” project.

3rd Gong, Katharina

  • The association held its first fall outing to promote friendship among members and begin discussions on the Illinois RN exam.

4th Lee, Hye-jeong

  • The association held an opening ceremony for the RN exam preparation class while inviting heads of Korean community organizations, including the Consulate General in Chicago and the Korean Association, and provided practical help to immigrant Korean nurses.

5th Kim, Mi-ja

  • Dr. Mija Kim established and expanded a class to prepare for the RN exam, thereby establishing a system and laying the foundation for the economic independence of the immigrant society. She also laid the foundation for her nurses to actively participate in the “Korean Medical Service” project.

6th Jeon, Young-sook

  • Secured approximately 200 members through outreach activities and compiled a member address book to prevent nurses from missing their license renewals in Korea.

7th Park Jeong-do

  • Open lectures were held to prepare for the RN exam, and as a result, many members passed the exam, revitalizing the RN exam class.

8th Kim, Gyeong-ok

  • We discussed promoting the association as an Illinois non-profit organization, held an open lecture on RN exam preparation, and had the honor of being elected as the first vice president of the “American Nursing Association.”

9th Kim, Ae-soon

  • There were difficulties due to classroom issues for the RN test preparation class, but by preparing a classroom, the test class was able to study with peace of mind.

10th Baek, Seon-ho

  • The name of the association was officially revised to “Chicago Korean Nurses Association” and a new address book was created. He also actively participated in “The American Red Cross Health Fair” and received a certificate of appreciation.

11th Jeon, Young-sook

  • He conducted a course called “Medical Health” for Korean-Americans and showed enthusiasm for regularly holding general health classes.

12th Kim, Gyeong-ok

  • We continued to conduct review classes to prepare for the RN exam, actively participated in the Health Fair for Korean residents, and worked hard to raise the status of our association through activities both externally and internally.

13th Song, Jeong-suk

  • The name of the association was revised to “Korean American Nurses Association of the Midwest” and continued to support the Health Fair, showing eager participation in the Korean community. And on June 1, 1982, this association was officially registered as an Illinois non-profit organization.

14th Heo, Jeong-sik

  • A “Nursing Home Construction Promotion Committee” was formed for the Korean elderly and elderly, and a fund-raising event was held to raise $20,000. We produced an address book for each university's alumni association and also published a news letter called “Nurse Beat” as a cultural project. She also registered with the “Japanese Nursing Association” and volunteered to provide health care for Korean residents.

15th Kim, Gyeong-ok

  • The 8th “American Nursing Association” general meeting was held in Chicago, and the depressed association had an opportunity for development. At the time, it was a huge success with the attendance of the “Korean Nursing Association” President Mo-Im Kim, Vice President Su-Ji Kim, and Seong-Ok Lee, Director of Korea University Hospital, and the Association’s president, Kyung-Ok Kim, had the honor of being elected as the “President of the Korean Nursing Association.” For the development of this association, it was decided that the method of electing the president of the association would involve participation in each university's alumni association and that a candidate recommended by each university's alumni association be elected as president.

16th Kim, Mun-ja

  • The association's year of repentance is set from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Heo Jeong-sik was elected as the ICN “Fun Promotion Chairman.” Additionally, the association's year-end party is held on the first Saturday of December every year.

17th Park Seong-deok

  • As an advisory member for peaceful unification, he was deeply involved in the Korean community by attending “Korea Day,” holding regular health lectures, and visiting nursing homes. As the name of nurses in Korea was changed to nurses, the name of the association was changed to “Korean Nurses in the Midwest.” Changed to “Association”. Bae Wol-soon was elected as the chairman of the Nursing Home Committee. She served as the first vice president of the Korean Association of Chicago. A model nurse system was established and Myeong-soon Lee was selected and commended as the first model nurse.

18th Oh, Jae-seon

  • We created an opportunity to love our people by jointly participating in the adopted children’s picnic hosted by the “Chicago Arirang Lions Club,” participated in the Health Fair and volunteer work for the Korean community, and held a seminar.

19th Heo, Suzan

  • By revising the Association's bylaws, the fiscal year was set from June 1 to May 31 of the following year, and the general meeting was set from the end of September to before May. The 20th Sang Sang continues to award exemplary nurses and great mothers, and conducts a membership fee payment campaign. Start a Forum.

21st Lee, Jeong-hee

  • We regularly promote various seminars such as volunteer work, participation in the Korean community, and health fairs to promote friendship among members and in close relationships with the Korean Senior Welfare Center. Edit and supplement member address book.

22nd Shin, Shinja

  • This association established a sister relationship with the “Korean Nurses Association Gyeongsangbuk-do Branch” in its home country, established a scholarship system for 1.5- and 2nd-generation education, and took interest in the education of juniors.

23rd Cho, Eun-seo

  • Through extensive exchanges between the peaceful unification advisory committee members and the Korean community, we promoted academic information, cultural exchange, and friendship with the Gyeongsangbuk-do branch, which is a sister city, and had Mr. Park Seong-deok visit the Gyeongbuk branch and receive a commitment of $500 as a scholarship. In addition, the bylaws will be revised to place the “Nursing Home Establishment Committee” under the Association. Additionally, the qualifications for the president and vice president were determined to be current nurses engaged in practical work. The number of scholarship recipients is limited to 4, and the amount is set at $500. Formally recommending to the Korean government that Korean nurses living in the Americas acquire BSN qualifications.

24th Kim, Yuja

  • We held a health seminar hosted by our association and paid $1,000 to each scholarship student. Efforts were made to visit Korea University of Communications and the Korean Nurses Association in Seoul to help Korean nurses in the Midwest region acquire RNs and BSNs, and arranged a meeting of past presidents.

25th Choi, Youngja

  • Due to circumstances, the Nursing Home Committee was changed to inactive status and members were encouraged to unite and participate, and the end-of-year party was a success with over 250 people attending. The 30-year history of Korean nurses in Chicago was compiled, making it a valuable living history book of Chicago. Mr. Park Seong-deok's hard work as editor-in-chief made it an eternal testament to her descendants who are trying to find her roots.

26th Kim, Okja

  • We continue to foster friendship among members and make consistent efforts in scholarship projects and volunteer work for Korean residents.

27th Kim, Hee-sook

  • In addition to making great efforts to raise the status of this association, holding a golf meeting to promote friendship among members was greatly helpful in revitalizing the association. In addition, by founding a choir exclusively for nurses, it helped them live emotionally rich and leisurely lives in a difficult immigrant society and created an opportunity for members to unite.

28th Shin, Sook-hee

  • Select scholarship students, focus on nurturing juniors, cooperate with Korean service organizations, and actively cooperate with public service and Korean community projects to make great contributions. Establish a lifetime membership system for this association.

29th Ham, Gyeong-ae

  • His extensive exchanges with the Korean community raised the status of the association, and his spirit of service and philanthropy served as a role model for nurses. Considering the difficulties faced by emotionally depleted immigrants, the members gathered together every month to sing in chorus, which resulted in a high-quality choir and a great help in socializing.

30th Cho, Sun-bun

  • A large number of nurses from our association attended the “50 Years of Korean Nurses Overseas” event held in LA, and many speakers from Chicago gave passionate speeches. And together with the executives of the LA branch, we actively participated in the compilation of the history of the “50th Anniversary of Nurses in the Americas.” This historic project will be the nurses' true attitude toward our people and the world and a record of tears left behind for our juniors.

31st Min Hwa-gyeong

  • By appointing graduates from each nursing school to the executive team, exchanges between members and each school were actively promoted, and the members took interest in the association and actively participated, greatly revitalizing it. Executive Director Cho Eun-seo was appointed as Commissioner by the Illinois State Nursing Board. Additionally, about 350 people attended the X-mas Party and a fundraising event to raise a scholarship fund.

32nd Son, Ui-ryeong

  • For its influence on the Korean community and important organizations, the Nurses Association received the Community Service Award at an awards ceremony hosted by the “Women's Hotline.” In addition, we started a “book club” to share emotional culture among members, and solidified the foundation for external activation by engaging in active dialogue and exchange with other Asian nurse associations. At the end-of-year party for the 33rd Lee Soon-ja Scholarship Fund, Maryann Alexander, “Associate Executive Director” of the National Council of State, Board of Nursing, attended and received support, and the scholarship system was activated to nurture 1.5 and 2nd generation juniors and provide nursing education. Promoting qualitative improvement. Through ties with the Korean Community Welfare Association, Hanul General Center, and the Women's Hotline, we help the Korean community with health education, health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, and strive to cultivate mentally healthy social leaders. Leading the organization into a strong and large organization of women professionals through maintaining organic relationships and participation with various Korean communities, including the Chicago Korean Cultural Center Construction Promotion Committee.

34th Heo, Jeong-ja

  • Attending the 100th anniversary INA Centennial Celebration & Conference, attending and volunteering at the new holistic nursing seminar, health seminar in the fall (topic: Wellness & Aging, Diet for Over Weight) and health seminar in the spring (topic: diabetes, high fat, abdominal Obesity) was held by inviting members of the Nurses Association and Korean residents. Participated in health checkups for Korean residents at the Health Fair hosted by the Korean Community Welfare Association, held a successful scholarship fund raising dinner on 12/07/07, selected 4 scholarship students and awarded them scholarships, and invited 1.5 and 2nd generation students to participate in the activities of the Nurses Association. It was shown that it was done. This year, for the first time, the Nurses Association helped the Veterans Association visit the VA Hospital and performed a consolation performance, and members participated in volunteer work at the World-Korea and participated in special events of many organizations in Chicago, strengthening ties with each other.

35th Cho, Eun-seo

  • Under the motto of 3P (Prevention, Promotion, Protection), we participated in large and small events throughout the year, greatly raising the status of the Nurses Association. In July, I received a lot of grace and felt rewarded by participating in the health checkup of missionaries organized by the Chicago Christian Medical Mission Society at the World Mission Conference. In August, I participated in Korea's Dokdo issue and took the lead in fundraising, and in October, I participated in the annual event, the Korean I volunteered by attending a health checkup at the Social Welfare Association, and the year-end party to raise a scholarship fund in December was a great success with over 300 people attending, and scholarships were awarded to four young nursing students. In December, a consolation performance for Korean War veterans was held at LA Hospital in collaboration with the Veterans Association, and Chairman Cho Eun-seo received the Community Service Award from the Veterans Association. In January 2009, we attended the Asian Lunar New Year Festival, and in March, we held an educational seminar, which was a great success with over 100 people attending. In April, we held a forum at Lake Delevan to promote goodwill among the association's executives and had a serious time discussing various issues. had. In May, she attended the Passport to the World event to promote food and cultural exchanges with children in each country. Now, we, the Nurses Association, provide cooperation and support among our members to suit this society that is rapidly changing day by day, and emphasize that we must all strive to create mature identity by creatively harmonizing new and old values ​​with traditional yet progressive enthusiasm. Completed 35th grade

36th Kim, Hyang-sook

  • Efforts were made to revitalize the association through extensive exchanges with various organizations in the Korean community and volunteer activities. 400 people (7) attended the scholarship fund raising event, scholarships were awarded to 5 nursing students, the Angels Choir's 10th anniversary concert was held to raise the status of the Nursing Association, and National Nurses Week was celebrated. So, we received an award from Cook Country Treasure, Maria Pappaz, and we finished the 36th year with the hope that we will continue to grow into a bigger nurses association with a big vision, keeping our identity alive, collaborating and working hard to make that dream come true.


37th Choi, Chun-hwa

  • We continued to interact with the Korean Association and other Korean community organizations, contributed to the development of the Korean community through volunteer work, and received a plaque of appreciation from the Korean Nurses Association for our Health Fair service from the Korean Community Welfare Association. We opened a website at and held a special meeting to change the Inactive status of the Nursing Home Establishment Promotion Committee, which had been a long-awaited project, to Active Status, change the name to the Nursing Home Special Project Committee at the regular general meeting, and elect a chairperson to start a new project. Ready. We held an educational seminar in which about 80 nurses participated, received 6.5 Hours of CEU, and supported Continuing Education. We also held a successful scholarship fund-raising dinner party and awarded scholarships to 4 nursing students. We will continue to provide financial support to the Angels Choir so that it can become a place for nurses to socialize and unite, while also serving as a public relations agent for the Nurses Association. In the 37th generation, all executives and directors cooperated and were able to complete all planned projects with one mind.


38th Lee, Mal-hee

  • We officially organized the KNA Youth Group and did our best to strengthen harmony and friendship among members. About 150 overseas Korean nurses from six countries, including Chicago, attended the first Overseas Nurses Conference, founded in Seoul in October 2011, had an exchange dinner, and began operating a global Korean nurse network. In December of the same year, a scholarship fund raising party was successfully held amid unusually warm weather. For the first time, the association provided medical services in two locations. Nightingale's spirit of service was put into practice by participating in a health checkup event for Koreans jointly organized by Lutheran General Hospital and Hanul Community Welfare Center and a health checkup event jointly hosted by Swedish Covenant Hospital and Korean Social Welfare Association. The Golb competition was held with a focus on member nurses and participated in the 50th anniversary festival of the Korean Association of Chicago. By participating in the Korean American Community Women's Forum held at the Northbrook Public Library, we raised the status of the association by promoting its history and the achievements of nurses. The spirit of service and participation of association members and executives was highly evaluated externally, including receiving the Trailblazers Award from KOWIN and the Community Service Award from the Korean Social Welfare Association.


39th Kim, Hoe-sook

  • My term began with the tremendous privilege and responsibility of leading the Chicago International Nursing Conference (CINC). CINC was held in Chicago's beautiful October month, co-sponsored with the Global Korean Nursing Foundation (Dr. Mija Kim, Board of Directors). The conference was a resounding success with many moments in which participants had joyful tears. Over 200 world-renown nurses and leaders from Korea, Germany, South Africa, Mongolia, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maryland, Mississippi, Texas, New Jersey, and Virginia have attended and created Chicago Korean nurses' new History. I am grateful to all those who attended, but especially to Drs Mo Im Kim, Susie Kim, Euisook Kim, Kwang Ja Lee, KaSil Oh, Duck-Hee Kang, Miyong Kim, Marie Ahn (President of Southern CA KNA), Jong Ok Yun (the president of Korean Nurse Anesthetists Association NY), Gye Seon Jeong (Korea Nurses Anesthetist Associaiton), Phil Robles ((IL Nurse Anesthetists Association), Hye Jin Kim (Germany Pianist and former nurse), and Choon-Sil Christian (President and Director of Home Health in Germany). 19.5 CEUs, Scholarship, the Concert by Chicago Nurses Choir, Josephine Lee's special conducting, International Nurses Talent Show, Northwestern Memorial Hospital/Rush Hospital Tour, and other events received the accolades of many of the guests All this was made possible because of tremendous support and contributions of many. The KNA of Chicago's efforts stretch into other areas – to name a few, the medical team (42 nurses) at the World Missionary Conference, Health Fair at two different hospitals, Multiple vaccinations at clinic, participating numerous organizations. Some different types of leadership were implemented this year. Many 1.5 and 2nd generations were appointed as high officers for the first time, using the social network to connect with the 2nd generation and announce the events. Additionally, the RN-BSN program is new this year. Started IT committee, hired an intern for the first time.


40th Kim, Hee-kyung 

  • The 40th Nurses Association, which was launched after successfully completing an international academic conference held in Chicago in October 2012, held a friendly golf tournament to strengthen harmony and friendship among members. In addition, a retirement ceremony was held for Dr. Mija Kim, a big star not only in Chicago but also in the international nursing community, and over 60 executives and directors congratulated her. At the 2013 year-end party and scholarship award ceremony, over 350 nurses and officials from various organizations in the Korean community attended. attended. In particular, scholarships were awarded to four juniors at this event, building a network between the first and second generations. In addition, an educational seminar was held for nurses, and about 90 Chicago-area nurses received 8.0 CEUs, helping them renew their licenses. In addition, five nurses were accepted into the BSN Program of the Korea University of Korea Open University, laying the foundation for them to continue to obtain BSN degrees in the future. To help improve the health of the Korean community in Chicago, we participated in health checkups at SCH and LGH, provided medical services at comfort parties and street festivals for Korean community members, and held regular health education seminars at the Korean American Evergreen Association. Through a series of events like this, the status of the Nurses Association was recognized in the Korean community, and teachers Lee Jeong-hee and Lee Soon-ja received service awards, and members of the early senior citizen special project committee gathered to begin discussions on the senior citizen care project, which had been stagnant. There was also a discussion about the development of the association at a forum held in Lake Geneva. A small concert was held by the Angel's Choir, which embellished the spring days of Chicago with beautiful harmony, and by attending the 2nd Overseas Nurses General Assembly and Academic Conference held in San Francisco, four keynote speakers contributed to promoting the Korean American Nurses Association of Chicago to the world. .


41st Kim, Hee-kyung

  • Through exchanges, we promote the health of our compatriots through medical volunteer activities such as the Korean Association's traditional play event, the Health Fair of the Korean Social Welfare Association and SCH, the ongoing street festivals of Hanul, LGH, and the Chamber of Commerce with Korean organizations, and the regular health education of the Sangnok Association. contributed to. Through the golf tournament held in October, friendship among members was strengthened, and about 300 people attended the 2014 annual banquet where scholarships were awarded to four juniors. Compared to previous years, more senior nurses and next-generation nurses graced the event. Received 4.0 CEUs in a nurse education seminar via the Internet, and received 5 bachelor's degrees in the BSN Program of the Korea Broadcasting and Communications University. Attending the Regional Presidents' Meeting of Overseas Nurses held in LA, contributed to revising the Articles of Incorporation of the Overseas Nurses Association, and worked for the success of the 2015 World Nurses Conference in Seoul with close cooperation, and 34 people registered for the Overseas Nurses Conference. As the number of retired nurses increased, the name of the Senior Nursing Special Project Committee was changed to the Senior Nurses Association at the general meeting in order to place the retired nurses association under the association. The forum and picnic for the next generation of nurses, which were held for the first time since its founding, received great response from members and laid a great foundation for the next generation to lead the future of the association through meetings between members and the next generation. At the Korean American Association, Ms. Kyung-Hyeon Lee received the Service Award, and Ms. Eun-Seo Jo received the Presidential Award of Honor. She was subsequently inaugurated as the president of the Korean American Women's Association of Chicago and demonstrated her leadership as a nurse to the fullest.


 42nd Lee, Hwa-yeon

  • As the first recipient of a scholarship from the Korean Nurses Association of Chicago, he served in the important role of president of the Association and made great efforts to raise the status of the Chicago Nurses Association. As the signer of the Nursing Home Construction Fund, which had been a long-awaited dream, was not the current president, the current president was able to register as a signer in accordance with the bylaws of the Chicago Nurses Association, and it was handed over to the 43rd president. In addition, we restored and reorganized the KNAC Website and email accounts, which were not in operation in the 40s and 41s, to enable members, Chicago nurses, and nursing students to actively exchange and communicate information, and to promote the development of the IT field in keeping with the trend of the times. did. As the 42nd president, he laid the foundation for a natural generational change by recruiting many next-generation nurses, which was his main priority. In order to achieve intergenerational bonds, communication, and harmony, senior nurses and next-generation nurses cooperated with each other and laid the foundation for serving the Nurses Association and the Korean community in Chicago. By holding a picnic for senior nurses, we provided a time to thank our seniors for their hard work that helped the Nurses Association become the most exemplary organization in Chicago, creating a time of harmony across generations. At the annual scholarship fund party, with the help of many people, we produced 6 scholarship students, which is more than the previous year, and supported them to become great nurses of the future. Above all, as the first president of the Chicago Nurses Association, he helped the Chicago Nurses Association develop into the most active organization in Chicago. We presented a plaque of merit to the first president, Cho Seon-ja, who laid the foundation for our success, and expressed our sincere gratitude from all members. Last spring, we provided training on “CPR and simple first aid” to about 150 seniors at Grace School at St. The Angel's Choir Concert, the pride of the Nurses Association, was successfully completed thanks to the efforts and hard work of many choir members. Lastly, at the forum held under the theme of “Intergenerational Communication,” many people, including senior nurses who have worked hard for the development of the Nurses Association for a long time, the next generation nurses who will be responsible for the future of our Nurses Association, nursing students, and scholarship recipients, gathered together to express their sincere condolences. Through young and open-minded discussions, we provided an opportunity to see a bright and vibrant future for the Chicago Nurses Association and the Korean community.

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